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4 port USB hub

4 port USB hub
4 port USB hub
4 port USB hub
4 port USB hub
4 port USB hub

About this item

  • The USB 3.0 4-Port Hub provides a high performance solution especially for notebooks which has only a few ports.
  • It allows you to connect USB-enabled devices such as external hard drive, keyboards, digital cameras, printers, scanners.
  • The lightweight and portable design is an ideal companion for people on the road. Important Note: - 2.4Ghz wireless devices, such as Bluetooth keyboard and mouse adapter, may not work in close to USB3.0 which may lead to malfunction.
  • Such devices should be connect to USB2.0 port is recommended - The product is designed for data transferring ONLY not charging 
  • The total current of 4-port must not exceed 900mA. Some current-hungry devices, such as external HDD, should be powered by an independent power adapter to get stable connection

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